miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2008

Working With Videos

I´m going to try an introductory practice for Third Year Secondary Education
1.Write a desription of what happens at the beginning of the story.(Present Simple/Present Continuous)
2. Write Mr. Bean's shhopping-list.(vocabulary practice-countables/uncountables)
3.Write the dialogue for this animated episode.(Each student takes a part on it)

lunes, 4 de febrero de 2008

British-American Culture Crosswords

An introductory cultural activity which could be useful as a warm-up for Bachillerato

British and American culture crossword

1 The motto of the New York Times newspaper is 'All the News That's Fit to _____' (5)
4 Which Shakespeare play is called 'the Scottish play' by actors? (7)
8 _____ Harriman, US diplomat (7)
9 _____ school is the name given to the classes for older children in British secondary schools (5)
10 Which Native American people travelled on the Trail of Tears? (8)
11 Big Ben is what? (4)
12 Cadbury _____ is a large British food and drinks company (9)
16 The most famous speech by Jaques in Shakespeare's play As You Like It describes the seven _____ of man (4)
17 A country in south-east Asia. Its capital city is Kuala Lumpur (8)
20 An elastic material used especially for close-fitting sports clothing (5)
21 _____ Darwin, the English naturalist who developed the theory of evolution (7)
22 _____ Monroe, the US actor who became Hollywood's most famous sex symbol (7)
23 Mark _____ was the pen-name of Samuel Clemens (5)
1 One of the fish traditionally used in the dish of fish and chips (6)
2 Goodnight, _____ was a hit song for 'Leadbelly' (5)
3 Winnie _____ was the main character in the children's stories of A A Milne (3,4)
4 The _____ _____ was a novel by Dashiell Hammett of which two film versions were made (7,6)
5 The Athenaeum is a famous London men's _____ (4)
6 The Daily _____ (now called simply the _____) was a British newspaper bought by Lord Beaverbrook in 1914 (7)
7 The name of the English king defeated at the Battle of Hastings (6)
12 The family of Diana, Princess of Wales, before her marriage (7)
13 One of those whose revolt was led by Wat Tyler in 1381 (7)
14 Tennyson's poem In Memoriam was written in memory of his friend Arthur _____ (6)
15 The name shared by _____ McCullers, US writer of novels and short stories, and Johnny _____, US television presenter (6)
18 A type of Latin American dance music popular in Britain and the US (5)
19 _____ Bellow, US writer of novels who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1976 (4)



1. Here you have Westminster Abbey. Can you find out where its name comes from?

Find it out here http://www.westminster-abbey.org/history-research/a-brief-history/

2. How much are the online tickets in the Tower of London for 3 children and two adults for the 3rd of March, 2008?

3. Who are the "Beefeaters"and why are they called by this nickname?


4. Who was the first sovereign to take Buckingham Palace as his/her first residence?


5. Where is Hyde Park? What can you do there?